About us

For twenty years Japanparts works as the leadering firm in the importation area and hands out the spare parts for asian vehicles (Japanese, Koreans, Indians, Americans etc.).

The product range which is distribuited by Japanparts includes both the mechanical line (filters, hydraulic parts, dampers, cluthches, etc.); and the grinding line (pistons, cylinder heads, friction bearing, etc.) and the electrical line (starters, alternators, plugs, short plugs, etc.). The spare parts which are imported by us, come from factories that are selected by us with a very high standard quality.
Our offer is continually improved and updated. Until now we have been the only one who have elaborated a professional catalogue on-line which is based on the database TecDoc. This system with a lot of photographs and measurements makesit easier to use our catalogues. The electronic version of our catalogues provided with photographs is going to be available also on CD.
The delivery time is very short, from 24 hours for causes of urgency to a maximum of 72 hours.